Hey friends! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and read my blog. I started this blog so my fiance Shayne and I could share our story with our friends and family, and also so we would have it to lo0k back on later in life. I really enjoy when Shayne co-writes with me because it feels so special and he always adds a little extra humor and sarcasm.  Along with everything about our wedding I plan to branch out and blog about other things in my life too. I hope to eventually write about recipes, travel, married life, and much more. I am currently a junior in college studying social work and I love it. College has really made it easy to find myself and find out where I belong in this crazy world. Although school is supposed to be about studying and learning things like physics, chemistry, and foreign language, it’s largely been learning about myself. Things I’ve learned about myself that you might want to know too are:  My red hair is my favorite thing about myself, recycling is important to me (you should do it), I’m not very good at grocery shopping or cooking, I love adopting cats, wine and sweet tea are two of my favorite things, and I love Shayne more than I would have ever thought I could love another person. I hope while you read my blog and learn about me and my life, that it makes you want to tell your story, too.