Let the Planning Begin!

Shayne and I have been engaged for a little over a month now, and we have made some progress in planning. Originally when we got engaged I had intended on waiting a while to plan things out since the wedding was going to be so far away, but I quickly learned that was not a great plan. I called around to a few places to check prices on venues, and many of them were booked up until 2018.Crazy right?! That kind of freaked me out, and gave me motivation to start planning full force. We have picked a venue, and set the date for October 14, 2017.

So far picking the venue has been the most difficult part. I want October because of the beautiful fall leaves and and hopefully good temperatures. I also want an outdoor ceremony with indoor options in case of bad weather. Most places in or around Evansville that had both indoor and outdoor options were golf courses, and although I wasn’t against a golf course I wasn’t super interested in the high venue and food pricing. There were a couple other places that weren’t golf courses, but again had  higher pricing than what I wanted to spend on the venue. I eventually narrowed it down to three places, The Kingmen’s Club, Echo Valley, and The W. Echo Valley and The W are managed by the same person, and he is absolutely wonderful to work with. Thus, after meeting with him I was down to choosing between his two places. We ended up choosing The W because of the size. Echo Valley is a beautiful venue, but it would be better for a larger wedding, and I intend on having around 150 people attending. The W however is not quite yet a completed venue. It has been newly purchased by new owners and is still under reconstruction. They are scheduled to hold their first wedding this June, so I will be able to visit again when it is completely finished. I can’t wait!

The most fun part of the planning  so far has probably been deciding on colors. Shayne hasn’t been too picky about colors at all, his only input so far is that he wants some shade of green. Since the wedding will be outside, there will be green everywhere 😉 ! The colors we have decided on so far are champagne as an accent color, wine, peach, and of course a deep shade of green for Shayne.

So far we have had a blast planning and we are excited to continue. It has been very difficult for Shayne and I to do everything together due to his heavy work load this summer. He is currently an intern with the Evansville Otters, and that is his very last thing to complete before being an official USI graduate! This is an exciting time for both of us for so many reasons, and I can’t imagine celebrating with anyone but Shayne.

Con un beso ❤


Photo by Ellie Lee


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