I Found the Gown!

This post has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait! I want to start by saying that every single day I am getting more excited about our wedding. Little things have been continuing to fall into place, and a couple of weeks ago I unexpectedly found the absolute best part of the wedding (other than finding Shay of course 😉 ). I found the gown!

I had plans to go shopping for my wedding gown this coming up Saturday, August the sixth. However, my very best friend of about fourteen years would not have been able to make it due to her job. When I found this out it absolutely broke my heart, and I knew it would upset us both for her to not be there. So my plan was for Ellie and I to shop around at Bridal Warehouse and narrow the styles down to decide what I was really looking for. We picked a few things off of the rack and although a few of them were beautiful dresses none of them blew us away. We were leaving Bridal Warehouse sort of disappointed with our experience. We hadn’t really gotten our bridal fix for the day, so we went over to see if David’s Bridal had any room for a walk in appointment, and they did.

After I filled out some paper work at David’s Bridal we were told we could look around at the sale rack until someone could help us. We looked for less than five minutes and didn’t find much. I found one dress that I wanted to try on that I didn’t have much interest in, but my mom had been telling me that it was her favorite style and she thought I would like it. About that time an associate, Loni, made her way over to help us. Before I say much else I just have to brag on this lady for a minute. Loni is an absolutely amazing person, who is very passionate about her job. My experience would not have been the same without her, and I would recommend her to anyone! She will be invited to my wedding, for sure. She had me look through a bridal book so I could show her some of my likes and dislikes, and she went and pulled some things off of the rack for me to try. Once we had about five dresses picked out we started to try on. I tried the first one on, and it was absolutely beautiful, but it wasn’t perfect. We then tried on the one that I had picked up off of the sale rack. As she was buttoning up the back of the gown I looked down at myself and as my eyes filled with tears I said “I hope the dress looks as pretty back there as it does from up here!”. When I walked out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror all I could do was cry. I looked at my best friend to see her reaction and she was just as happy as I was. I stood in the gown for over thirty minutes and couldn’t make myself take it off. I am getting goosebumps now just thinking about it!

I knew I had found my gown and none of my family was there to see it, not even my mom. This hit me pretty hard, especially since the dress is nothing that I would have ever tried on if it weren’t for my moms taste. The store couldn’t hold the gown because it was on sale. I called my mom crying with mixed emotions, and she told me to send her pictures and if I loved it to buy it. I ended up buying the gown, and my mom and Shayne’s mom came to the store later to see me in it. My mom cried even more than I did, which reassured me that I had made the right decision.

I absolutely could not have done everything that day if it weren’t for Ellie, and I can’t thank her enough. Finding the dress of my dreams wouldn’t have been the same if my best friend hadn’t been by my side. Shayne is my soul mate, but Ellie is my soul sister, and without them both I’d be lost. The day of the wedding I’ll stand proud wearing the most gorgeous dress I’ve ever seen, with my stunning maid of honor on one side and my handsome fiance on the other. I’m the luckiest girl around. See ya at the altar!


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  1. Congrats! Can’t wait for the post of the big day so I can see this gorgeous dress.

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  2. That is really sweet! Congrats Kate!!!
    My best wishes to you and your future husband 😊


  3. Finding the gown is so much fun!! I’m so glad your family loved it, and I’m glad you got to experience those “bridal gown” feelings!! Congrats on your engagement and enjoy the wedding planning process – it goes by way too quickly!!

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