One Year Until “I Do”!


Shayne here,

In one year I get to marry my love, my fiancé, Kate. I still remember the first time I saw her at the best store ever, Target, and when we went on our first date on Easter. We have done so much together since then like adopt two cats, go hiking, play Xbox, travel and many other things. My favorite thing is how I taught her to become a football fan so now we can watch football together on Sundays. I knew she would be the one for me, when she could get use to my crazy habits and me screaming in front of the T.V. while watching the Ravens or Spartans. I also knew she would be the one when she could handle my crazy family and my family liked her. Whenever we are not together I always miss her and every time I see her beautiful red hair, and her cute smile I am so happy I get to be with her forever.  I can’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle in 365 days, and say “I do”.

Back to you—

I cannot believe how quick everything is sneaking up on us, but I’m not complaining! If I could marry Shay tomorrow I would. A couple weeks ago I had a girl at school ask me how I knew that he was “the one”. The question sort of stumped me at first because in my head I just know, and I hadn’t ever actually said out loud to anyone other than Shayne. Before responding to her I thought for a minute, and although it may seem silly the first thing I said was that I never get tired of spending time with him. I never don’t want to be with Shayne and I never look for excuses to not be with him. In fact we are always looking for excuses to be with each other. Shayne never truly just flat out irritates me. Does he do little irritating things? Most definitely, but they are usually on purpose just to see if he can get under my skin. He doesn’t have any traits that are “down falls” to me, in my eyes he is literally perfect. The word “perfect” when used in describing relationships can be cliché, but there isn’t one single thing I would change about him if I were given the chance. Things that other people might see as imperfections are still perfect to me. The way he can’t remember the words to ANY songs, his obsession with his hair, his inability to properly cut a cutoff t-shirt, his crazy unhealthy addiction to mac and cheese (even more so than mine), and his love for khaki pants are all things that make Shayne, Shayne. Overall the main reason I know that Shayne is “the one” is because the love I feel for him is so true. It just, is. I could explain small reasons about why I love him all day long, but in the end it’s love in the most true, thrilling, and beautiful form. I’ve never had second thoughts or doubts, not even in the very beginning. Shayne and I just are, in the same way that the football and Sundays just are.


Photo by Nicole Risse


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