Honey, I’m Home

During the second weekend of April, Shayne and I moved into our first home together. There is no other way to start this post other than giving a big THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible for us. The support and help we received from our family and friends was uplifting and stands as a small reminder of how lucky we are to have such a great support system. From literally moving us, to taking us on our first trip to the grocery store, every person brought a special detail that made our move simple. We are grateful for every person who helped us transition someones old apartment into our new home.

Cohabiting with someone makes for an entire new list of responsibilities to be shared. This concept at first was intimidating, but man, we’ve killed it (so far). Of course there are a few habits of Shayne’s that drive me a teeny bit crazy. He is basically religious about locking our front door, he leaves the hall closet door open, and he ALWAYS sleeps with a fan on. However, none of that matters when I come home from a long day of class and dinner is on our table, when I wake up and he has left me his second pop-tart on our counter,  when he cleans the kitchen top to bottom after I’ve cooked a meal for us, and many more. Most importantly I get to come home every day from work or school to the man who will soon be my husband. All of the sweet moments we have shared together make up for the boring chores we do together.

When I asked Shayne what he liked and disliked about living together and our home he made a list:

  1. Decorating- “I got to pick out our own lamps for our living room, and decorate our entire bathroom. I was shot down on putting an American flag in every room and that was pretty disappointing. When we have a house someday with multiple bedrooms I have been promised a man cave.”
  2. Making choices- “We get to make our own choices for dinner every night, our own weekend plans together (we can party whenever we want), and being in control of the air conditioning.”
  3. Spending every day with you- “I like that I get to wake up next to you every morning with our cats. I like eating dinner with you every night, and watching our shows together. I hate when you have night class on Thursdays and I’m by myself.”

Yes, there were many discussions on the use of American flags as decor in our apartment. Luckily I won that one, and there are no American flags on our walls. We also don’t party very often, but I guess we could if he wanted too.

Living with Shayne has been a wonderful growing experience so far. Not only for us as a couple, but also for both of us individually.  Shayne is learning how to do laundry, and I am learning how to cook. I assume he will ruin clothes and I will ruin meals, but one thing I’m sure of is we will laugh about it together as we buy new shirts from Target and order pizzas from Papa John’s.

Honey, I’m home.


Photos done by Ellie Lee


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