Save the Date

Check your mail boxes and mark your calendars, folks. Save the date cards for the Feldmeier + Kreager wedding are in route! Shayne really wanted the “ticket” design with our football jersey engagement pictures, so he designed them himself. They turned out super cute, and they really show his personality.

To all my friends planning weddings, here are three pieces of unasked for advice:

  1. Designing your own save the date cards or invitations can save you hundreds of dollars. Shayne and I both shopped around for a long time for a ticket template we liked, but they were crazy expensive.  He ended up getting on Vistaprint and not using any templates, and designing them on his own. It didn’t seem to traumatize him too much, and we saved an unbelievable amount of money. I would recommend it to all my bride-to-be friends, especially if you have a tech savvy, and willing boo.
  2. Do your best to show your grooms personality. You picked him for a reason, show the world those reasons. It wasn’t super easy (at first) to get Shayne to make wedding related decisions; now he won’t stop. So be careful what you wish for, but it’s not my wedding, it’s our wedding.
  3. Get yourself an Ellie. One of my most favorite parts about our save the date cards is the elegant calligraphy on the envelopes (most of them, at least) done by my talented best friend, Ellie Lee. Not only did this add a beautiful first impression to our cards, but it was another way to have my life-long best friend’s touch on our wedding.

There is no way I could’ve completed the save the date cards without Ellie… and a bottle of wine. We had a delicious bottle of sweet red wine which Ellie brought to us the week before as a house warming gift. How sweet is she?

With a kick-ass MOH, anything is possible.

October 14, 2017- Save the date!


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